Welcome to the opulent world of enthralling carpets of Kashmir Carpets. We present a range of superlative chef-d'oeuvres (masterpieces) that have been selected compassionately from our extensive collection in wool, wool/silk blends and in pure silk carpets & silk rugs. 

The Decor Eye  Carpets has its presence all across the exclusive hand-made carpet industry ranging from the high quality wool carpets, deftly created superb wool/silk blends and the epitome of luxury - pure silk carpets. 

It is worth mentioning here that The Decor Eye  has its parent company M.Sidiq & Sons, based in Kashmir-India which specializes in Kashmiri Art Product of which our carpets are peerless. We supply to customers across globe. 

We at The Decor Eye  specialize in customized solutions for all carpet needs of the elusive requirements of the buyer. We offer the buyers to methodically choose a design, colours, quality, type, category, size and even shape to create a unique masterpiece. 

We have in-house designers to keep a sharp eye on the contemporary home furnishing trends

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Results 1 - 4 of 28Show:     Items Per Page