At The Decor Eye , the floor coverings have evolved with a great deal of imagination and aesthetic sense. We have introduced elements of subtlety and sophistication in the rugs, by using the palest of colors in the most complicated geometrical designs. 

Traditional rugs are pileless cotton woven in a single color, with or without a contrast border or in stripes of different colors and varying thickness. Chain stitched rugs are made on a hessian base with an additional lining of gunny sack cloth. Skillfully stitched rugs serve as floor coverings, wall decorations and mattresses. 

Rugs are the easy way to brighten your décor, and add a vivid focal point for any room. They provide comfort underfoot in a room with hard flooring, help divide rooms, and protect areas of heavy wear on fitted carpets and in hallways. We have a large selection in our warehouse, or you can even design your own by placing custom made order

We also have a selection of natural rugs made from animal skin, including sheepskin, goatskin and cow hide, as well as hardwearing natural fibres sisal and jute. Natural rugs are particularly suitable for protecting areas of heavy wear such as carpets and hallways.

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Results 1 - 4 of 68Show:     Items Per Page